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The following is a description of the mobility equipment available for rental.  Feel free to call us at 919-612-5132 (7am to 9pm only) if you have any questions.  


For the North Carolina Fair only: If possible, please specify in the comments section if you will be arriving at Gate #1 (Bus Gate).  Otherwise we will assume you will be arriving at Gate #10 (Handicapped)


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Electric scooters have a weight limit of 350lbs for three-wheel units and 400lbs for four-wheel units.  Powered units are only rented to customers that have a true mobility need.  No standing of any person on the back of equipment. 


    4-Wheel Tan      3-Wheel Black    4-Wheel Black    4-Wheel Gray

Manual wheelchairs.  These units are typically available in a variety of sizes.


Childrens transport.  We have several options to choose from.  We have double strollers, single strollers, wagons and cuddle-cars.  Our blue doubles have a two child capacity; cuddle-cars are single child units.     


     Red Singles        Blue Doubles         CuddleCars

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Please note: No rental equipment is to be taken outside gate unless escorted by one of our staff members.


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